0 Series Shinkansen scale model

0 Series Shinkansen: n scale train model

In Japan, the first shinkansen was the series 0 and started operations in 1964 .The cars were painted with a white with a blue stripe along the windows and another at the bottom of the car body, including the front pilot.

There were 0 series with 12-car set and other series with 16 cars configurations. 0 series cars were constructed  from 1963 until 1986. Shinkansen sets are generally retired after fifteen to twenty years. The final remaining 0 series sets were 6-car sets used on JR West Kodama services on the Sanyō Shinkansen between Shin-Osaka and Hakata, and on the Hakata-Minami Line until their retirement on 30 November 2008.

Here there is a n scale (n gauge) train models for the Japanese bullet trains Shinkansen 0 Series Number 9000 Tokaido Sanyo Final Season X1 Group Basic 8 Cars Set.

0 series Shinkansen scale model

0 series Shinkansen scale model

Car body construction Steel
Car length 25,000 mm (82 ft 0 in) (intermediate cars), 25,150 mm (82 ft 6 in) (end cars)
Width 3,383 mm (11 ft 1.2 in)
Height 4,490 mm (14 ft 9 in)
Maximum speed 210 km/h (130 mph) (1964–1986)
220 km/h (140 mph) (1986–2008)
Traction motors Brushed DC motor, 185 kW (248 hp) each
Transmission Secondary-side tap changer drive
Acceleration 1.0 km/(h·s) (0.62 mph/s) (1964–1992)
1.2 km/(h·s) (0.75 mph/s) (1992–2008)
Deceleration 2.84 km/(h·s) (1.76 mph/s)s
Electric system(s) 25 kV AC, 60 Hz, overhead catenary
Current collection method Pantograph
Safety system(s) ATC-1
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)