Scale N E5 Shinkansen Add-On Set A Hayabusa Falcon

Scale N E5 Shinkansen: A Hayabusa/Falcon N scale train set

Commercialization vehicle operation start buzz, along with formation of mass production car prototype quickly. Package hanging the affordable beginner set configurations. Add-on set bookcase and then in the add-on set A can be stored in base set. (Add-on set A = 6 both types, add-on set B = 4-car type) equipped with a tilting mechanism like the vehicle. Realistic and accurate reproduction colouring and shape of the top of the biggest feature. Reproduce the shape of the skirt that covers the truck. Comes with base set small rerailer as accessibility. E514 considered parallel operations and future E6 series turbine, installed at the beginning of the binding mechanism. Consolidated financial statements became more consolidated, with centering mechanism. Printed side destination indicator. Employ a flywheel power unit. Provides smooth and powerful driving performance. Minimum radius setting R315.


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