N scale Train Odakyu Railway RomanceCar Type 3100 NSE

KATO N Scale 10-1284 Odakyu Railway Romance Car Type 3100 NSE: 11 Cars N scale train Set 

This is a N scale train toy model of a well-know Japanese train called Romance Car… with romance seats of course! 🙂 It consists of powered car – Car 7, working head and tail light – Car 1 & Car 11. Equipped with flywheel drive. Compatible with interior lighting kit Kato 11-211 and Kato 11-212. Legend collection, products of the cooling expansion type of romance car · NSE (3100 form). Accurately reproduce the floor that added the MG to the vehicle as well 6 car you have increased auxiliary power unit. All cars also change the sheet moquette color in wine red color. Car number is printed. Headlights / tail lights as standard equipment. Pass indicator and head mark lights. Interior light can be turned on as an option. Head mark as standard “Hakone”. “Ashigara”, “Sagami”, “Enoshima”, “New Year’s visit to a Shinto shrine issue” is included with the replacement. Enjoy the stable running of the 11-car in full organization.


The Romancecar (Romansukā) denotes the Odakyu Electric Railway’s name for its limited express luxury tourist services south-west of Tokyo that reaches mountain resorts such as Hakone and Gotemba (Mt. Fuji). It also connects Tokyo with beaches such as Odawara and Enoshima. Iy has lon hostiry since the service started in 1957 with the 3000 series SE trainset. Incidentally, it succeeded to breke the world speed record (145 km/h or 90 mph) for a narrow gauge train. This record gave impetus for the design of the first Shinkansen, the 0 series. The 50th anniversary of the Romancecar‘s narrow gauge world speed record was celebrated September 28, 2007.

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