Mecha Collection: Macross series

Macross Series and Mecha Collection of Fighters from Bandai

With the name of Macross  (Makurosu we refer to  a series of science fiction mecha anime, created by Shōji Kawamori of Studio Nue in 1982. The whole series consists of three TV series, four movies, six OVAs, one light novel and five manga series. Moreover, by the term of Macross we refer to the main capital (or most important) ship in the fleet. This theme began in the original Macross, the SDF-1 Macross. There are also many interesting and intriguing keywords such as Overtechnology which refers to the scientific advances discovered in an alien starship (Alien Star Ship – One later renamed Super Dimension Fortress – One Macross) that crashed on South Ataria island. Then, by using the wrecks of this ship as rough blue print and helped by reverse engineering methodology, the Earth was able to create the mecha (variable fighters and destroids), faster-than-light space fold drive for starships and other advanced technologies that the series features.

Nowadays, it is possible to purchase the Mecha Collection, that is, accurate scale models of these starships and mecha macross fighters. Bandai is one of manufacturers more active developing these scale models for the fans. Here I write down some of them which are available:

Mecha Collection Macross Series Macross Delta VF-31J Siegfried Fighter Mode Hayate Immelman Type Plastic Model Complete Figure Airplane Aircraft Arad Molders Plane Plastic Toy Bandai

Mecha Collection Macross Series Macross Delta Sv-262 Draken III Fighter Mode Keith Aero Windermere Custom Plastic Model Kit Complete Figure Toy Airplane Aeroplane Aircraft Sci Fi Plane Bandai

Mecha Collection Macross Series Delta VF-171 Nightmare Plus Fighter Mode Standard Model Henkyou Chuuichi Type Frontier Space Version Plastic Complete Figure Airplane Aircraft Plane Toy Bandai

Mecha Collection Macross Series Macross Delta VF-31S Siegfried Fighter Mode Arad Moelders Custom Plastic Model Kit Complete Figure Toy Airplane Aeroplane Aircraft Plane Bandai

Macross Bandai Transformable Model Kit 1/72 Scale VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom

Macross 1/72 VF-1S VALKYRIE Roy Focker Variable Fighter Model Kit

Japan Action Figures – Macross delta VF-31J Siegfried (Hayate Immermann machines) 1/72 scale plastic model *AF27*

1/48 Macross Plus YF-19 (Plastic model)

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